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Brand New #HypnoLove design! Available tomorrow @Broadway_Mkt and @SpitafieldsE1 Sunday

Inspired by our continued fascination with love or lack thereof… Have u everbeen hypnotised by love? When u don’t know ur arse from ur elbow? Heartbreak can be just as hypnotic - walking around like an extra from Walking Dead. Then u find new love & the cycle happens all over again! WARNING: Do not let anyone stare at the design while wearing, unless u want them to fall in love with u! (Organik Rocka will not be held responsible for the effect caused by wearing this tee) b a d c
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This is how you rock the People Rocka tee on a fine summer’s day!Buy the People Rocka tee HERE b a d c
Look who’s joined the ‪#‎MusicWithoutBarriers‬ campaign…
Show your support today! b a d c
Doc’n Roll Film Festival are close to revealing the programme for this year’s festival at Hackney Picturehouse.
Here are some fascinating documentaries that we hope will be there
Organik Rocka film picks b a d c

chill commons - chill out with the world.
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Must See! Before Bad Brains, the Sex Pistols or even the Ramones, there was a band called Death…
Watch the trailer here
A band called Death is set to feature at Doc’n Roll Film Festival in September. b a d c
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